The start of our allotment journey

Our allotment journey started in July 2015. I saw a Facebook post on our local village page asking if anyone was interested in an allotment. I immediately replied as I have always enjoyed growing vegetables and my garden wasn’t that suitable. Eventually I was given the choice of two plots. Neither had been worked on for a number of years but at least the plot I had my heart set on was mostly covered. The only downside was that the previous plot holders had dug out the top layer of soil so we had to almost ‘step into’ the plot!

The plot was surrounded by docks and nettles with a few raspberry canes, a blackcurrant bush and a blueberry all being strangled by weeds. Some friends and their children came to help get rid of the weeds around the outside of the plots. It was a few days of cutting back, digging and sweating to get it looking slightly better! The issue of the top layer of soil having been removed was going to be an issue and it wasn’t helped as there were some real dips in the ground that would need filling in and levelling off. Nevertheless we carried on undeterred and even put some potatoes and leeks in the ground to get something growing. The problem with starting so late in the season was we couldn’t get much in and with holidays and then the autumn weather 2015 soon came to an end with not much more done.