Hello to growing, making and baking

Welcome to my blog! My name is Mrs Dig and I live in North Wales with my daughter Flossy and partner Mr Dig.

In 2015 I was lucky enough to get an allotment,  just a couple of minutes walk from my home, in the village I live in. It hadn’t been worked for 5 years so was in a bit of a state! I hope to get Flossy helping me on the plot,  inspire her to enjoy her time there and to eat the good and healthy food we grow. I can then tell you all about how we are getting on.  Along the way there should be some stories, recipes that have worked with my produce, what inspires me and maybe even help to inspire you out there to get growing, making and baking!

I have always been passionate about growing vegetables. As a child my Grandparents lived close by and they had a huge garden. They were very keen gardeners but my Grandmother had hayfever so they concentrated on growing vegetables! I used to love spending time with them and I always helped Grandpa in the garden and then baked with Nanna. They were of the ‘make do and mend’ generation and had experienced the Second World War so thrifty and conscious about how they lived. When I was a teenager their huge garden became a bind as they were getting older so they moved to a less rural village and a house with a small garden. Poor Grandpa really missed their huge garden and it wasn’t long before he had a share of an allotment with a friend.

I have so many wonderful memories of Nanna and Grandpa in the garden and latterly the allotment. The memories also extend to the kitchen, cooking with Nanna, and then eating what they had grown at the little table that I now have in my own kitchen. I really hope I can instill the inspiration they were to me to my own daughter and maybe you too…..